What is Mindful Therapeutics?

Mindful Therapeutics is a progressive and integrative approach that will help establish balance in your life. With my consultation, we will collaborate on an exploration of mind and body that involves both conventional forms of therapy, life coaching, and deliberate mindfulness activities. 

Who needs Mindful Therapeutics?

Anyone! Particularly those who are experiencing an imbalance in their lives, be it emotional, physical, or both. Such imbalances can manifest themselves in the form(s) of depression, anxiety, apathy, stress, sleep disorders, emotional eating, and other mental/physiological issues.

*I specialize in women's issues/health.

Where are sessions held?  

The initial personal consultation always takes place at my office. Once your individual wellness program has been outlined, sessions can happen in the office, at your favorite beach, or on one of our many beautiful Los Angeles County hiking trails. We will determine your ideal venues together, and wherever you feel comfortable is where we will do our work. 

Is Mindful Therapeutics a good fit for you?  

If you are experiencing depression, anxiety, or stress in work, school, relationships, life--then yes, Mindful Therapeutics is most definitely for you. The only requirement is an openness to engage in the vital relationship between your mind and body.