Modern society generally does not condition us to be mindful.  The dominant American culture encourages  mindless productivity, busyness, speed, and efficiency.  The last thing we want to do is be present in the moment.  We want to do, to succeed, to produce.  We are so focused on doing that we have forgotten all about being.  This takes a toll on our physical, mental, and emotional state.  Mindfulness is the art of observing your physical, emotional, and mental experiences with deliberate, open, and curious attention. The basics of mindfulness is to observe things as they are.  


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This statement sums mindfulness up beautifully, "I was on vacation in Mexico, and the whole time I was there, despite beautiful sunny weather and an amazing beach, all I could think about was whether or not I should be in Hawaii, or maybe another Central American country.  Finally, I said to myself, "If I'm not going to be here, why bother going anywhere at all?".  This can relate to our jobs, our relationships, and just about anything...always grasping for something more or better.  Mindfulness can offer more choice with your thoughts, which can take you out of habitual behaviors, reactions, and patterned disconnected and automatic ways of doing. (Fully Present, Susan L. Smalley, PhD) You can learn to take an ordinary experience, give it your present moment-attention, and experience it as extra-ordinary.  Together we will embark on a more mindful way of living, to add more joy to your life, less judgement of yourself and others, and a deeper sense of happiness.